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Phone: +47 67 98 04 80
Mon-Fri: 08:00 -11:15 og 12:00 - 16:00 (Saturday and Sunday closed)
E-mail: post@ryggeekspressen.no

mailing address:
Unibuss Ekspress AS
Postboks 210 Alnabru
0614 Oslo

Office address:
Unibuss Ekspress AS
Strømsveien 189
0668 Oslo



Rygge-ekspressen hadde siste dritfsdøgn 29.10.2016

Rygge-ekspressen hadde siste driftsdag 29.10.2016.

Mange av avgangene til Ryanair er flyttet til Sandefjord Lufthavn Torp.

Se www.torpekspressen.no for transport til Sandefjord lufthavn Torp.


OSL ekspressen starter å kjøre fra Oslo Øst til OSL (Gardermoen) 23.9.2016

Rygge ekspressen har siste avgang på kvelden 29.10.2016.

OSL-ekspressen starter å kjøre 23.9.2016 mellom Oslo øst og OSL (Gardermoen).

For mer informasjon om OSL ekspressen se vår nettside www.oslekspressen.no


Discounted tickets for advance purchase at our website.

Buy discounted tickets at our website and save money and time. You will receive the ticket via email or SMS as desired.


The Rygge-Ekspress is the only specially adapted airport expressbus between Rygge airport and Oslo.

Departure times is adapted to all Ryanair flights

Departures from Oslo:
The Rygge-ekspressen departs times from Oslo Bus Terminal is adapted to all Ryanair flights from Moss Airport Rygge.
Departure times follow flights departs on Ryanair so Rygge ekspressen will arrive at the Moss airport Rygge about 45 min. before the latest check-in.

Departures from Moss Airport Rygge:
The Rygge-ekspress departs from Moss Airport Rygge approx 40 minutes after actual arrival time from all Ryanair flight.

Route pathways and stops:
The Rygge-ekspress use E6 between Oslo Bus Terminal and Moss Airport Rygge.

The Rygge-ekspress stops at the following locations:
Oslo Bus Terminal - Ryen - Mortensrud terminal - Korsegården- Moss Airport Rygge
Driving time between Oslo Bus Terminal and Moss will be 60 minutes.
Purchase your ticket online at this website or purchase the ticket from the driver on board the bus.

Arrival and departure times

Arrival Moss airport Rygge about 45 minutes before the latest check in for all Ryanair flights. Departs from Moss Airport Rygge approx 40 minutes after actual arrival time from all Ryanair flights.

The Rygge ekspressen is driven by Unibuss Ekspress AS. Unibuss Ekspress AS is an independent provider of bus services, including transport services to / from Moss Airport Rygge