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Phone: +47 67 98 04 80
Mon-Fri: 08:00 -11:15 og 12:00 - 16:00 (Saturday and Sunday closed)
E-mail: post@ryggeekspressen.no

mailing address:
Unibuss Ekspress AS
Postboks 210 Alnabru
0614 Oslo

Office address:
Unibuss Ekspress AS
Strømsveien 189
0668 Oslo


Booking conditions for the Rygge-ekspressen

Pkt. 1. Timetable

Rygge - Ekspressen timetables adjust according to the airline schedules, and are subject to change at short notice. It is the traveler's responsibility to familiarize themselves with any and all applicable times. The company can not be held responsible for errors published by travel agents, travelers, bus terminals, etc. Updated times can be found at any time on our website. Likewise travelers should update if change of stops occur. Passengers are themselves fully responsible to know the direction of the bus and the end stop.

Pkt. 2. Departure

Upon departure from Oslo Bus Terminal the bus platforms can vary. The correct platform number will be displayed on monitors inside the terminal. Passengers are obliged to familiarize themselves with the correct departure platform. The traveler is responsible for showing up in good time before the bus departure. Departure from Rygge airport can be delayed due late arrivals flight, technical problems and other events that are beyond our control. Should you have to wait beyond 60 minutes you will be travelling free of charge with us. (Not applicable if you travel by plane and bus is waiting). It is the traveler's responsibility to be in the bus at departure.

Pkt. 3. Delays in terminal

If travelers are delayed in arrival terminal, due to conditions such as Police and Customs control, etc. these are circumstances beyond our control and responsibility. The traveler may, in certain situations notify Customs / Police that he / she is going to Oslo by bus and the controller can alert the driver regarding this. It rests with the driver alone with respect to the other passengers to determine whether it is responsible to keep the bus back some minutes. The same applies to delays due to lost and delayed baggage and other conditions that restrict from traveling in accordance to departure scheduled departures etc.

Pkt. 4. Local traffic

It is not allowed for local traffic with Rygge - Ekspressen. Therefore, there is no exit before Rygge. Rygge  - Ekspressen does not have the opportunity to change the route. This is governed by government regulation.

Pkt. 5. Children travelling alone

Children traveling alone should be of school age and able to take responsibility for themselves. The driver may occasionally take small children on the Rygge - Ekspressen. Parents should then be in, or waiting at the bus for departure. Parents must also be at the delivery point in good time before the bus arrival. The child should on boarding bring a written note or letter with them, with the sender's and recipient's name, address and telephone number. It is the guardian's sole responsibility to send the child alone with the bus.

Pkt. 6. Parcel delivery and freight

Smaller packages, letters and goods can be sent by Rygge - Ekspressen. Less than 1 Kg calculated child ticket and over 1 Kg calculated on adult tickets. Packages must be delivered / picked up on the bus at the departures / arrivals. Uncollected is not our / the driver's responsibility. Delivery  of goods are subject to special rates, and must be agreed in advance. Dangerous goods and live animals not included. Damaged goods replaced under the current rules, cf. Act on Road Cargo Agreements Act. Lost goods deposited along the route are not replaced.

Pkt. 7. Lost and found

Lost property on buses will be taken care of by us as far as possible, but the individual must bear the cost of shipping and other handling charges. Any lost property, including valuables like wallets, credit cards, etc. is not our responsibility. Unclaimed lost property will be discarded after a period in accordance with prescribed procedures.

Pkt. 8. Luggage

Hand luggage in the luggage rack, in the trunk, the passenger's lap or under the seat transported freely. Luggage up to 30 kg. per passenger carried free. For goods over 30 kg. calculated per child ticket. unit.

The traveler is fully responsible for all own luggage throughout the journey. The company is not responsible for loss of or damage to baggage and luggage taken with the shipping charge, unless it can be shown that the loss / damage is caused deliberately or by gross negligence of the staff. Lost goods and luggage are not covered. The company is not responsible for left luggage placed in the bus at stops or terminals unattended, or luggage left by passengers who, for one reason or another do not even travel by bus.

Pkt. 9. Live animals

Buses are not obliged to carry live animals (dog / cat, etc.). The driver may require that animals be put off if they are a nuisance to fellow passengers, for example allergies.
Guide dogs for the blind and Police Service Dogs, along with police in uniform prioritized and carried free. Small dogs placed in a basket or cage and do not occupy their own space travel free. Otherwise pay child rate.
Dogs must be kept on a leash and positioned so that travelers are not harassed.

Pkt. 10. Bicycles, skis o.l

Bicycles are included to the extent that there is room in the bus. For these you have to pay child fare. Articles eligible for inclusion in the bus luggage carried free. Skis and poles should be tied together.

Pkt. 11. Stroller

Foldable strollers allowed so far space permits. For stroller and other articles that occupy their own seat space is calculated children's fares.

Pkt. 12. Complaints

The traveler must ensure that they are receiving the correct ticket type and change. Complaints must be made on the spot, the driver can not cancel the ticket after 5 minutes. Purchased tickets, or unused return tickets, punch cards, etc. can not be refunded, exchanged, or exchanged.

Pkt. 13. Tickets and validity

Single tickets are valid for one (1) journey of the date of its purchase. Our prepaid and invoiced tickets / exemption cards are valid for 3 months after the stamped date. Round trip tickets are valid 3 months after the date of purchase.

Children between 0 - 3 years travel free when accompanied by an adult.

Child tickets are valid from the age of 3 years to the age of 15. From the age of 16 adult rates are charged. The buses have seat for children who can sit upright in the chair.

Rygge - Ekspressen has praised tickets for round trips flights for passengers aged 67 years you must have valid Identification card this also apply to blind or deaf blind.

Rygge - Ekspressen is a low offer without further moderations.

NB: It is the traveler's responsibility to examine the times for any return trip. For baggage occupying a seat in the bus a children ticket will be issued. Deaf blind with valid ID travel for child fares, companion to the deaf-blind travel with normal price. Guide dogs for the blind and police dogs carried free. Employee identification from Ryanair and Norwegian is unlimited as valid ticket on Rygge - ekspressen.

Pkt. 14. Ticket control

In addition to Unibuss Ekspress own personnel can check be carry out by security guards on the buses. If a traveler has not bought tickets at the right time, this should be manifested to the driver or controller.
The right to transportation provided only with purchased tickets. Ticket must be resolved or cut at boarding, unless it is made ​​special arrangement for payment. The traveler must ensure that it is received proper ticket and change. Complaints must as far as possible be done on site.
The ticket shall be retained throughout the trip and shall on request be presented for driver or controller.
Travelers who the control can not display a valid ticket must pay additional rate equivalent to twice the rate for single ticket for the distance, but not less than NOK 300, -. Short of abuse or attempted abuse, confiscation from driver or inspector a receipt.
People who refuse to pay the additional fee or who refuses to hand over the card, will be reported to the police, cf. Penal Code § 403
According to the law on the carriage of motor vehicles and vessels of 21 June 2002 No. 45 § 33, passengers without valid tickets are held back.

Pkt. 15. Currency

Only Norwegian currency is accepted or credit cards at Rygge - Ekspressen. It is recommended to use currency exchange inside the terminal building.

The Rygge-Ekspressen accept the most common debit and credit cards.

We advise you to buy the bus ticket in advance on our website.

Pkt. 16. Seat-guarantee

The Rygge - Ekspress has seat-guaranteed. Extra buses will be laid on if needed. In this, as other cases of deviations beyond the normal traffic termination and circumstances, and expected delays. It may under some circumstances not be compensated or reimbursed alternative transportation such as taxis, or other alternative transportation that does not in advance is requested company.

Rygge - Ekspressen is an independent transport system, so that the loss of passport, cancellation of flights and other circumstances that mean passengers to have travel back with the same bus, new ticket must be bought. All costs and variances related to flights / airport must be discussed with the individual airline.

Pkt. 17. People with reduced mobility

People with reduced mobility, which require special attention and adaptation to their needs, should contact Unibuss Express' support department 2 working days prior to departure, to be secured space and the necessary assistance and / facilitation.

Pkt. 18. Seat belts

Seats where seatbelts are fitted, passengers are required to use these. Cf. Road Traffic Act section 23a, and the regulations of 21.09 1979 No. 7 "The use of protective equipment during operation of a motor vehicle." When checking the passenger fined if they are not followed”.

Pkt. 19. Smoking and drugs

It is against the law to smoke in the bus in Norway, as is the pleasure of alcohol. Violation of this will be met by dismissal from the bus. Alcohol affected persons disturbing other passengers will be turned away.

Pkt. 20. Complaints - contact

Written complaints regarding Rygge - Express and other inquiries of a legal nature and content of the company must be in Norwegian or English language. Reply to complaints will be in Norwegian or English language.
See also the Ministry of Transport and articles of association for travel by bus and stay at the bus station off. 01.01.1987.

Arrival and departure times

Arrival Moss airport Rygge about 45 minutes before the latest check in for all Ryanair flights. Departs from Moss Airport Rygge approx 40 minutes after actual arrival time from all Ryanair flights.

The Rygge ekspressen is driven by Unibuss Ekspress AS. Unibuss Ekspress AS is an independent provider of bus services, including transport services to / from Moss Airport Rygge